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spirit retreat
have you ever participated on a spiritual weekend
can you imagine what is happening on it
what is the feeling there
what type of men you can meet with
and somewhat the environments about

it would be a usual weekend-excursion
on the first side
but aliving inside it is much more
having strong brainforming force
conducting back to ancient times
beeing full with adventures
retreating the diffused spirits
creating a whole community from foreigns

all of them are unexpected
and incredible when someone prepares to that

however that is true even if it's rarely
it needs only a few things to exist simultaneously
which are in follows enumerated in order
a manful cleric to guide
few well-mannered children to help his
a reconstructed old farm
enthusiastic religious, spiritual visitors
a dozen of bicyclist
some hidden villages to travel on it
hundred years old train-station
some hills to climb them

and a holy bible a guitar a clapper bell
a candle-light
stars on the heaven
a blackandwhite cat

deep impression
is leaved on each


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